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Monday, February 03 2014

To the Members of CPCO of Georgia,

I hope everyone is having a Great 2014!  As President of CPCO of GA I have been fortunate to see a lot of great things accomplished by our Association. I have been involved with CPCO since its inception and would like to share with you my thoughts and feelings as to how we best go forward from here.

What we all need to think about is “How Can I Be a Positive Member in our Association”?  One thing we can do to help is to pay our dues on time. We depend on member dues to fund the expenses of the Association. We provide excellent training for your employees and I don’t think that asking to pay dues in a timely fashion is too much to ask. We started the Association for many reasons. We needed a voice to combat Regulatory Efforts that were very restraining to our businesses. We still need this voice even though the Regulatory climate has changed for the best. We also did not feel the smaller and mid-size companies were properly represented. I still feel this is true. There are so many small companies in Georgia and most of these owners don’t have a lot of time to spend with training and regulatory issues. We keep up with any changes that might affect your business and make sure it is communicated to you.

We also are trying to get our “Advanced Train the Trainer” program going. Paul Bello is teaching this class and by taking it, you have the opportunity to become a qualified instructor and provide training classes in Georgia. I think this is an overlooked valuable option that more of us should take advantage of. While I very much appreciate our vendors and suppliers giving and providing training, I would love to see more Operator Classes. We are out in the field and see a lot of situations that suppliers rarely see. This would help to make our training classes more interesting and also would allow us to have more trainers closer to you. Bottom line is, we need you and you need CPCO! If there is anything that you feel would improve our Association, then don’t sit there, let us know!  Also Get Involved!  You will get much more from the Association if you are in the drivers seat.

We must keep getting better. If I can help you with anything at all do not hesitate to call the CPCO office.

And Remember “Sleep Tight and Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite”!


Garey Clark




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