Careers in Pest Management

A career in Pest Management requires a person to be employed by a licensed pest control company and hold a structural pest control license. 

Registered Employee – To become registered, the applicant must be hired by a licensed pest control company, complete 10 hours of classroom training, as outlined in the Employee Registration Manual, 70 hours of on-the-job training experience under the constant supervision of a certified operator or a registered employee in the category(ies) in a person is seeking to be employed in and must pass the employee registration examination.

Certified Pest Control Operator – To become Certified, the applicant must first have two years of documented experience in structural pest control work as a Registered employee, qualify in the category certified and pass both the core (general competency) examination plus an examination in the qualified category.

Certification alone does not allow the holder to perform structural pest control services for hire. To perform structural pest control work for hire, the certified operator must be employed by a licensed pest control company or hold a pest control company license.

Other Careers in the Pest Management Industry : Administrative,  Customer Service, Sales, Management, Consultants and a number of other business, technical & professional opportunities.  Some may require a professional license.

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